Why Back Pain Every Wake Up?

Health for human | Lots of complaints of back pain experienced by patients and is increasingly felt pain complaints or become heavy on waking.

Do you also feel the same? These complaints are usually the most often felt by the elderly, but there are also teenagers and young adults who complain about it.

Actually, most back pain caused by muscle pain and other causes that may own the spine, nerves or the presence of infection and so forth.

So back it consists of the spine or the spine and back muscles which also serves to move the spine earlier. While the backbone itself has the function to hold the body in an upright position so that, in addition to bone is also to refute the chest cavity and protects the nerves that are around him.

Head and body weight we have reached 50% of total body weight and muscle is all backed up earlier. So for example we're doing activities that raised his head and body with a rather long time for example 2 hours more, for example, if we sit without leaning for 3 hours, then this will cause the muscles to work extra hard and will cause muscle pain later.

In addition to the above there are several causes of muscular back pain include:

1. Spinal deformities such as a curved spine, such as scoliosis, lordosis or kyposis, this usually comes from a genetic abnormality.

2. Causes of back pain that is caused by the individual himself, namely obesity, so the burden of the backbone to withstand the weight of the body.

3. Lifting heavy objects repeatedly and unnecessarily, as it is to note how your spine is kept safe.

Later in the elderly is also worth noting that there are processes of aging / degenerative in all organs, including bone and muscle back earlier. Usually in older people a lot of cases of back pain due to decreased function of the bearing spine or intervertebral Discus (see picture next to degenerative discs).

Normally, this disc serves to reduce the load or to cushion the spine, but in older people will experience a decline in function due to reduced ability to absorb water earlier disc.

Disc was finally running low and will stand out due to load so be clamped spinal nerves are located around it (see picture next to Herniated Disc), this is a lot of the cause of back pain in older people.

Another cause of back pain that is caused by a bed that is used is too soft or too hard which will make the form the backbone will change as well as muscle balance is also disturbed.

How short-term solution?

We recommend that the elderly have to multiply the sport, because with this sport will be able to increase endurance and prevent degenerative diseases of the possibilities that arise.

Not all exercise is suitable for the elderly, exercise that is suitable for the elderly is the high road with a speed adjusted to the ability, when the sport is run regularly, it will make the back muscles become stronger and will get back to stable, then other sports matches is gymnastics, especially the movement that involves a lot of back muscles.

As for the teenagers and young adults more complaints like this result because of the back muscles, so the solution by extending the exercise, if the complaint has not subsided, you should immediately see a doctor, because the complaint could not come from the back but coming from a place other.

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