Exactly How To Take Care Pregnancy

Health for human | All men want to have offspring. this can be done by way of engaging in sex. after the fertilization process successful it would result in the pregnancy. Pregnancy is an amazing event. From the beginning of fertilization (conception) to the growth of the fetus in the uterus, showing the hopelessness in the face of the divine beings, how great is His love, and how extensive his knowledge.

In the helplessness that, in the shade of his rahman and uterus, and the limitations of our science as a human being before him of the vast, he elicits an obligation to us to keep praying and endeavors in an effort to reach the condition of mother and baby are healthy. In this case, that we must understand, prayer and effort is a unified entity.

Often times we say, "We have endeavored, now living prayer." With say so, without realizing we have subordinated the prayer. In fact, if we reflect, we must make fundamental base of all things-even more problems with pregnancy, is the omnipotence of the Creator. Therefore, prayer should be fused with the endeavor.

Many things that we must understand in prayer and effort it. Starting from the problem of intention to technical implementation. These include the scale of priorities that must be made and adhered to, because not infrequently we prioritize less important things and left some very important things. For example, we prefer to spend the money on hand for the event Monthly Seven-a more directed at traditional rituals or traditions, rather than using it for a scheduled prenatal care.

We often overlook things that we think are trivial, such as good diet and the need to prepare before delivery. However, also keep in mind is the need that is not the same as desire. Setting up the diapers and baby clothes is a necessity, but set the thing by buying an expensive product, it is the desire or passion alone.

As fully described in the book Smart Guide to Pregnancy Muslimah (QultumMedia, 2009) that there are various steps that must be done by pregnant women. Starting from the welcome pregnancy, the first phase until the third trimester of pregnancy, up to delivery.

The author, Yazid Subakti, S.Si. and Derrick Anggarani Rizki, S.Gz. provide appropriate measures so that the mother and the baby safe and sound. What is also at the same time incorporate between prayer and effort.

These measures will reduce the risk of pregnant women and simultaneously push the quality level that is expected births by everyone. Baby healthy, strong, and smart, and safe motherhood.

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