Complications of "Diabetes."

Health for human | As has been written about diabetes or diabetes mellitus, namely how to ensure sick with diabetes, now that many of the questions or some sort of fear is whether the pain Diabetes can be cured or pain continues for life?. Many traditional treatments that claim to cure this illness. Actually, once someone is diagnosed DM (Diabetes Mellitus), then the pain would be there in her lifetime, meaning the disease can not be cured?, Said to be cured if the patient is completely free of the disease and it is not so, if the sugar level in the uncontrolled blood continues to diit and various drugs, the higher the sugar and cause various complications, which really is not cured but the sugar content in state-controlled.

Then how or what happens when sugar levels are not controlled, the disease will grow rapidly and invade almost all body organs and lead to complications.

One complication that occurs easily and often troublesome is the complications of the eye. Disorders that can happen is retinopathy (damage to the image capture area) and cataract (lens damage). Once the eye is attacked he will not be able to recover to normal like it came from. Then how to treat it?

Treatment of these complications it is only in order to prevent damage to the eye does not deteriorate rapidly or otherwise slow the onset of complications.
In patients who experience complications of cataract there is still hope if want surgery or replace the lens.

Another minor complication that often arises is the feeling of tingling or numbness (paraestesi) at the ends of fingers and toes due to problems / complications in peripheral nerves. Or it could be the onset of itching.

Other complications are also common is the difficulty to recover if the injury occurs.

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