To ensure that diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus

Health for human | To ensure that diabetes or diabetes mellitus that is the presence of symptoms of diabetes include frequent urination, drinking lots, lots of eating, and was followed by decreased body weight and blood sugar in check when / without fasting is> 200 mg% or it could be the onset of symptoms such as itching, tingling, blurry eyes, wounds difficult to heal, the body feel sluggish but accompanied with fasting blood sugar> 126 mg% and blood sugar 2 hours after eating> 200 mg%.

For example this guy after checking the sugar content is still within normal limits, mean there are other causes that make frequent urination, other possible causes are the most common urinary tract infections, may also occur diuretics or hormonal disorders referred to as Diabetes Incipidus, and other causes are muscle-bladder muscle buffer that has begun to weaken.

If after checking the result was fasting blood sugar 220 mg%, most likely this man was hit by diabetes. And what is the treatment?

Treatment of diabetes is quite complex because it includes meal planning, regular exercise, and medication regularly.
In the pancreas gland function was good or just a mild disorder, it could just do a treatment with diit tight, but this must be followed by regular blood sugar checks for memonitoringnya. Because if this diit off guard just a little blood sugar can rise again.

To monitor blood sugar levels is best is by examination of HbA1c every 3 months, due to the high level of accuracy. Regarding the fruit be eaten is not too sweet fruit such as papaya, tomato, melon, pear, barking, watermelon, banana and so on.

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