Nicotine Danger To Health

Health for human | have been many who know bahaynya nicotine to your health or not .... here I will briefly describe the dangers of nicotine to the body, especially to our health.

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Nikotina is a group of organic chemical compounds alkaloids produced naturally in various plants, especially the tribal-terungan eggplant (Solanaceae) such as tobacco and tomatoes. Nikotina levels of 0.3 to 5.0% of dry weight of tobacco comes from the results of biosynthesis in the roots and accumulated in the leaves.

Nikotina is a potential neurotoxin and used as raw material for various types of insecticides. At low concentrations, these substances can lead to addiction, especially on cigarettes. Nikotina have limited resources that becomes carcinogenic inhibiting the body's ability to fight cancer cells, but nikotina not cause the development of healthy cells into cancer cells.

Nicotine contained in cigarette smoke between 0.5 - 3 ng, and everything is absorbed, so that in the liquid blood or plasma between 40-50 ng / ml.Efek nicotine causes excitation of kathekolamin hormones (adrenaline), which is spurring the heart and blood pressure. The heart was not given a chance to rest and blood pressure will be more elevated, resulting in the onset of hypertension.

Why Smokers Become Addicted?

Actually Nicotine is a poison that acts directly to the brain, mind and body damage. If you smoke, you will be dependent on nicotine. Without cigarettes, you experience symptoms that are less palatable for example you might:
- Feeling irritable, empty or furious.
- Anxious or nervous.
- Stress at work.

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