Health for human | My first experience of a little story that I experienced on my idap disease is Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), at the age of 33 years old I had a heart attack while driving in the car. This is how I feel without any specific complaints in advance but, in fact my sudden shortness of breath with the cessation of breathing a few seconds (do not reach 1 minute) followed by back pain and a cold sweat off his entire body, I had time to panic I thought dying will fetch me, but Praise God still protects and gives me the opportunity to live in the moment. Because pain and shortness of breath that does not stop a few hours, my wife and I decided to go to one of the private hospital of international standard in Bandung (Bandung happened to my people)

at that time I dealt with the ER doctor. The doctor asked me what happened to my wife, immediately take action also in the stomach and given injections of drugs that have been opened recently placed under the tongue that I knew it was to thin the blood also to dilate coronary blood vessels in the heart, then installed the tool ECG in ECG after I tested positive for CHD, because my wife did not believe I am finally on the ECG is the second time, and the results remain positive CHD.

To further make sure I was rushed to the ICU for treatment and better outcomes. After blood was taken in the laboratory, but the result showed very high levels of total cholesterol where LDL levels (bad cholesterol) and high levels of HDL (good cholesterol) is very low, normal triglycerides, CKMB levels are very high anyway. These results are enough to prove that I am suffering from CHD.

My doctor advised me to dikateterisasi for the pairs of ring (ring) in the blood vessels are blocked, at that time in 2008 for the cost of a drug ring plus have to pocket 35 million dollars, because my curiosity dikateterisasi proceed with above instructions your doctor if the blockage is less than 40% then no need to be installed simply by taking the drug ring and a healthy lifestyle. My guess would be missed if the blockage of blood vessels that I experienced there was a five-point with each - each 90% in fact there are already 100%. Automatic immediately anyway I thought about trying to multiply it cost 35 million dollars multiplied by 5 rings to be paid, instead of calm even so stressed I had to pay 175 million dollars plus the cost of care has not been long in the hospital, I finally decided not to proceed with its own mounting ring (the ring) had been at the heart of assuming a very large cost and outage I haven't enough money for it all.

Coming home from the hospital I was advised consume the drugs doctors prescribed which must be redeemed approximately 1.5 million for each month. I spent the days are heavy with patience, and keep remembering tawakal also closer to the Almighty Creator. My situation is not improved even continued to decline from day to day for a bowel movement I just have to consume the drug in order to smoothly let alone to walk up the stairs to the second floor I could not because my breathing is quite crowded.

Because there is not much activity the end I often read books and go to the internet related to coronary heart disease problem, which is quite surprising is the danger of the negative effects of the drugs that I normally consume with my determination to stop consuming drugs did cause long-term effects I received an impact that will cause other serious illnesses. I consumed drugs in the period was only 2 months, the effect is very pronounced indeed that is the condition of the body should be able to defend against a disease that we suffer so that the pain in the chest and shortness of breath I felt almost a year.

Ok to get a lot of knowledge from books and the internet and advice - advice from friends and people around me, I tried alternative medicine by applying the knowledge I gained life squad a day - day.

Here are some tips that I will share to you the following (I will not detail the presentation, but by and large just as I do)

  1. Diet diets eating the rainbow of vegetables and fruits (rainbow colors green, yellow, red, etc.) every day at least two times two servings (2-3 colors) processed without being fried, since any kind of cooking oil or even unsaturadfat the unsaturadfat poly kalo is heated at high temperatures will turn into trans fats are quite dangerous for the body is the greatest contributor to cholesterol.
  2. Consumption of fish contain enough omega 3 to avoid seapood (clams, squid, shrimp, crab, and the like)
  3. Avoid foods that contain totally bad fats, contains a lot of instant cooking spice in cooking should be natural spices especially shrimp.
  4. Who used to eat white rice is advisable to switch to brown rice because it contains lots of fiber, or switching to wheat or barley,Also avoid processed foods that contain flour and the like.
  5. Avoid foods and drinks containing processed sugar consumed the recommended 2 tablespoons of pure honey before the morning meal and 2 tablespoons before bed 1-2 hours after dinner.
  6. Avoid over dinner at 7 mlm, ideally sleeping 9 hours max mlm organs begin to work again after a day beraktipitas refreshes.
  7. Consuming omega-3 supplements if you can that contain squalen also min 2x a day 500 mg - 1000 mg depending on serving size persoftjel, his usefulness to dilate the arteries and lowers cholesterol (before eating)
  8. 1 tablespoon olive oil 2x a day before meals, the efficacy of raising HDL cholesterol levels
  9. 1 tbsp sunflower oil 2 times a day, the efficacy of the blood to thin pieces and decrease total cholesterol (before eating)
  10. 2 eggs habbatsauda (black cumin) 2x a day before meals contain many properties of the amino acids needed by the body to replace damaged cells.
  11. Consuming drinks of mangosteen rind 2 x day / 200 ml glass, how to make it that after washing, immediately cut 2 mangosteen fruit, boiled in 4 cups water over medium heat and do not use media from a metal made from Pyrex or recommended use of the land clay to the boil and the remaining 2 cups, drained and then filtered and ready to drink. Because mangosteen is a fruit that is quite rare in the market, so that mangosteen peel can be stored for a long time should be cut and thrown away the hard outer skin of the past in sliced ​​and then dried in the sun to dry for about 3 hours and boiled according to the estimated dose above was when it dried, could add 2-3 tablespoons of honey and 2-3 grains of dried flowers rossela. Efficacy contain 17000-20000 oxygen radical absorbance capacity or equivalent 80-10 oranges its anti-oxidant content.
  12. It is advisable to drink plenty of water at least 8 glasses per day, so toxins can be removed from the body through urine or sweat to the fullest.
  13. Wake up early morning pull out a deep breath while stretching the muscles of the body approximately 10-15 minutes. Do a few minutes bending over like someone who is bowing to the circulation of blood-borne oxygen to the brain smoothly do every day.
  14. Do the exercise at least 5 times a week for 20 -30 minutes walk enough heating or stretching the body should be used for 10 minutes, for the sick heart is still heavy do it gradually bit by bit.
  15. avoid stress and be reasonable.
  16. Perform or recreation or a time to walk along with the family for a refreshing atmosphere of each month.
  17. In addition to the above tips are still a lot I want to say but too long if I posted here including cupping therapy combined with suction leech therapy, acupuncture, and reflexology.

At this time Alhamdulillah my health condition is normal and gradually be

activity returned as usual, yet I still manage and maintain health with no excessive activity. We are sorry if there are words or writing that is not acceptable. May be useful to our brethren who have the same disease as I have suffered, humans can only sought but only Allah is the Almighty Creator decisive. Do not despair there is still the spirit of every difficulty there then there will also ease if we are patient in living healing InsyaAlloh sure we get. Good luck.

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