Fruit juice More Effectively Prevent Heart Disease

Health for human |  Apparently eating fruits are very beneficial for health, including preventing heart and blood vessel disease. you need to know the latest research indicates, consume in the form of juice or fruit juice, it gives greater efficacy than eating it in the form intact.

Dr. Decorde Kelly of the University of Montpellier France and his team report on a study to prove that peratmakalinya processing the fruit into juice or fruit juice has important implications for health. So far, said Decorde, people eat fruit in the form of processed products like juice, but information on the nutritional composition limited to the shape intact.

To analyze the extent to which the process of "Juicing" This affects the content of powerful antioxidants called phenols in fruit, Decorde and his team carried out tests using hamster.

The animals were divided into groups and let them have a diet with high levels of fat and cholesterol to trigger the onset of atherosclerosis or the formation of fatty plaques in arteries that can cause heart attacks and strokes. Groups of hamsters fed no apple, purple grape, apple juice, grape juice and water.

Of animals A control group to undergo a normal diet. The amount of fruit the hamsters consumed balanced view of human normal consumption averages about three apples and three series of wine per day. Hamsters given juice drank the equivalent of four glasses per day for a person weighing 70 kilograms (154 pounds).

Apples and grapes according to the study the researchers have same phenol content, while the purple grape juice had 2.5 times more phenols than apple juice.

At the end of the study revealed, compared with animals given water, fed hamsters the fruit and juice had lower cholesterol levels, less oxidative stress, and less fat accumulation in the vessels of the aorta, the main channel of supplying oxygenated blood throughout the body. Purple grape juice was recorded to give the greatest influence followed by purple grapes, apple juice and fruit.

"These findings indicate that the amount of phenols contained in the diet has a direct effect on its antioxidant properties," wrote the researchers who load their research in Molecular Nutrition and Food Research April 2008 issue.

Other antioxidant compounds in fruits such as vitamin C and carotenoids, could also contribute to their effects. The results of this study said, Decorde, give advice and encouragement that fruit and fruit juices may have significant relevance and could diapliasikan for public health.

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