Dialysis or "hemodialysis"

Health for human | Dialysis or hemodialysis is a blood-filtering process is done by machines. When and why should I do? Dialysis is usually performed on patients who experience kidney failure. So the process of blood Washing was done to replace the kidney function is already damaged.

The main functions of the kidney that filter the blood is dirty or blood that has been mixed by the rest of the body's metabolism. The results of the filter was removed through the urine or urine. While the blood that has been filtered clean after last returned to the body. When the kidney was damaged, automated metabolic waste and water can not be removed from the body and when you reach certain levels of metabolic waste that can poison the body to cause tissue damage that can eventually cause death. So if you have kidney failure or kidney damage was blood washing process is required.

In this dialysis renal function is replaced by a machine, the blood comes from blood vessels put into a small hose connected to the machine was called Dializer. In this Dializer blood would have done by membrane filtration, filter the results of this waste will be mixed with a solution called dialysate, and subsequently removed to be replaced by a new dialysate fluid. Then the blood that is filtered and clean re-inserted into the body. Although this process has such a function can only replace the kidney but normal renal function by 10% only.

For acute renal failure, dialysis is usually done while waiting for kidney function improved, whereas for chronic renal failure, should be done continuously, usually 3 times a week and each time the process takes approximately 3-5 hours. That must be considered is the cost that is large enough and have enough side effects such as low blood pressure, blood clots, infection, headache, nausea, vomiting, anemia, muscle cramps, and irregular heartbeat. Another alternative for patients with chronic renal failure is a kidney transplant if it does not want to do dialysis continuously, but the kidney transplant process is very complicated at all and certainly very costly, because it is to care and always keep your kidneys to stay healthy.

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