It took 3 months to Eliminate Excess Calories At Christmas

Health for human | congratulated for celebrating Christmas. Christmas time is usually filled with a variety of foods that contain lots of calories and can add weight. Apparently it took 3 months to lose weight back to normal.

A study found the average person consume 2-3 servings of dinner at Christmas or equal to 2300 calories. This means 115 percent more than the recommended daily intake for women and 92 percent for men.

A survey found about three-quarters of participants who were questioned admitted that he was very pampering yourself at Christmas and not think about the consequences of the food they consume.

The study found the food consumed at Christmas as turkey, pies, puddings and other foods with high calories takes about 3 months to remove it from the body.

"The key to reducing the amount of weight increase is to avoid eating it greedily, but after that crazy diet is also not good because it can make people not getting a healthy weight," says nutritionist Dora Walsh, as quoted from uk, Tuesday (27/12/2011).

Walsh said a person can prevent excess weight gain by eating slowly and enjoying every food consumed, and remains active during Christmas to help burn calories.

"The plan is carried out after Christmas diet should be reasonable and balanced, because it was too fast to lose weight will not make a person able to maintain ideal body weight," he said.

Here are some things you can do to help burn calories into the body, namely:

  1. If you ate 100 grams of pudding usually contain 329 calories, then it could be eliminated by running for 30 minutes due to burn 450 calories
  2. If you consume 1 serving (90 grams) of roasted turkey, then it could be eliminated by cycling for 40 minutes at medium speed for burning 180 calories
  3. If you eat two sausages usually contain 108 calories, it can be eliminated by doing housework for 35 minutes due to burn about 110 calories
  4. If you eat a sweet pie typically contains 215 calories, then it could be eliminated by jogging for 15 minutes due to burn 220 calories.

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