Oral hygiene in oral health is essential

Health for human | Oral hygiene in oral health is important, several oral and dental problems occur because of our lack of oral and dental hygiene.
Awareness is necessary to maintain oral hygiene and preventive medicine is the occurrence of oral and dental problems are most efficacious. Would not it be better to prevent than to cure?

Ways that can be done alone and I think that is effective in maintaining oral hygiene such as:

a. toothbrush: everyone already knows how this one of course, may also have been done every day. So it is important here is the introduction of proper tooth brush technique, motivated to brush teeth regularly and with proper selection of toothpaste. Toothbrush technique is commonly known horizontally general, and it was a mistake because in this way can eventually lead to gingival recession and tooth abrasion. Furthermore, these diseases will be easier periondontal happen.

Selection of a soft bristle brush is also important so as not to injure the gums. Toothbrushes should be replaced at least once every month, thus the bristles are still effective in cleaning teeth. Fluoride toothpaste should be selected because of the fluoride content of the study was able to reduce the number of caries through two things: eliminate dental plaque which is the forerunner of caries as well as supplemental topical fluoride to the teeth as a mineral important protective against caries.

b. Mouthwash-antiseptic mouthwash (Oral Rinse): there are different active ingredient that is often used as a gargle, gargle. The-counter are generally derived from vegetable oils such as metal salicylates (such as Listerine products), while the necessary prescription is chlorhexidine 0.20% (as in product minosep) and H2O2 1.5% or 3.0%. -Gargle mouthwash that is cheaper and quite effective way is with warm salt water.

Actually, more is needed-gargle gargle in gum disease and periodontal while in daily use has not been proven in preventing caries, especially if its use does not begin with a toothbrush. So it is important to note that gargle-rinse is not a substitute for a toothbrush and brush your teeth still the most important prevention of dental diseases, particularly caries. Even if the mouthwash-gargle too often used to cause the normal flora of the mouth will die and stimulate the growth of candida and also make a dry mouth and burning.

c. Dental floss or dental floss: recently introduced in this way started a lot, and powerful enough to clean in between teeth. But the technique should be properly understood because if not, instead of preventing periodontal disease, which occurs even injure the gums and create inflammation.

d. Cleaning the tongue: also started a lot of use, both to clean the lingual dorsum which often escape our current clean toothbrush. Piles of debris on the dorsum of the tongue is full of germs and candida opportunists who live as normal and transient flora. Explanation of how once again required.

Maybe after making efforts to maintain oral health is good and true that we assume the control to the dentist is not important, but the controls to the dentist regularly required as one of the preventive measures, because they're the experts, and sometimes we ourselves often escape observing changes in teeth and gums are still small.
To which does not have a mouth or dental problems should be performed every 6 months control but if have problems such as oral and dental tissue disease control should be performed 3 months.

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