relationship between the Food and Teeth

Health for human | Some people claim that certain foods and certain substances harmful to health of teeth and mouth, then is there any food that we can not eat because it will cause problems on our teeth? Indeed, some foods have a certain effect in reaction to the teeth and mouth. But keep in mind that everything that happens must be through a process.

As well as making food (cooking), is not require the process as well? Sometimes some of us are always looking for scapegoats in certain issues, such as chocolate (I've posted deh taste hehe), chocolate is considered detrimental to teeth, but the nutrient content and effect of chocolate for the body is very important. Are we ahrus away from chocolate because we want healthy teeth? if this ga bisa2 all food should be eaten well:)

Actually there is no food that needs to be shunned for getting your teeth and mouth healthy. All were returned to the process and time, is at issue in this case are the remains of meals yagn still attached to the teeth. Food residue on the teeth will react with the inhabitants of our mouths (enzymes, saliva, bacteria, germs, acids, bases, etc.). The reaction is the decomposition of food scraps that can later lead to caries / cavities, but it is a problem that caused bad breath.

The process of decomposition or spoilage of food that requires time, so we'd better cut the process by brushing your teeth regularly. If we can cut the process by regularly brushing your teeth and mouth problems will be reduced and even disappear.

In addition to the way we eat also affects our oral health, such as eating or drinking hot and cold simultaneously or in a vulnerable short time, I berisedikit example: A person ordering hot food and ice are also well ordered portions of such foods that can cause damage to the tooth, you should eat hot food and water only once a while later when a new deh buy ice:)

There are still many who asked about the timing and the proper way to brush your teeth, the right time is after we sarapa morning (at the moment we've cut the process and the rest of the meal mengilangkan as described above) and at night before bed. Why not after dinner? Because after dinner there is still a vulnerable time until we sleep sometimes vulnerable time about eating more or snacking, and for smokers sometimes smoke before bed until well if you brush your teeth after dinner, and finally eat again, although slightly, the same as we do not rub the teeth. For it is better brush your teeth at night before bed. karen on beraktifitaslah occur when the mouth is not the decomposition process of food / food spoilage in the mouth which will cause tartar and caries.

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