Important Facts Your Kidney Health

Health for human | Healthy lifestyle is part of an effort to protect your kidneys. But without the routine examination of renal function is less than perfect efforts. The earlier determine the condition of the kidneys, the perfect double protection for your kidneys.

By 2015 there were an estimated 36 million people worldwide who died from kidney disease. Besides the threat of death, patients with chronic kidney disease (in the long term) will also be faced with consequences for dialysis (hemodialysis) 3-5 times a week for life. And if found early, treatment can be performed more quickly to prevent further kidney damage.

Early stages of chronic kidney disease is characterized by the escape of small amounts of albumin / protein in the urine or with a condition called microalbuminaria. Albumin is a molecule with a size large enough so that the kidney with a healthy condition will not be able to pass 'filter' glomeruli. However, because of damage to 'sieve' glomeruli, some albumin may escape and come out with urine. At this stage of kidney filtration function is still running normally, and if handled right kidney function can still be repaired.

When kidney damage continues, the proteins that pass through the 'sieve' glomeruli will be more and more, to more than 300 mg per day. This condition is known as macroalbuminaria or proteinuria. Renal function at this stage begin to degenerate, and the body will begin to experience complications due to accumulation 'junk' removed the rest of metabolism that fail.

Kidney damage takes place slowly over many years, and without any symptoms, so it is often detected too late or when kidney damage is detected at an advanced stage which required serious treatment such as hemodialysis or kidney transplant. Although hemodialysis and kidney transplant will help sufferers, but this treatment would affect quality of life, and cause side effects that are not small. Therefore prevention of renal impairment on a regular basis is essential.

under these healthy habits will also help to keep your kidneys healthy.

  1. Maintaining a healthy body weight / ideal
  2. Drinking water as needed
  3. Reducing salt intake
  4. Fission activity 30 minutes a day
  5. Consuming healthy foods

By implementing a healthy lifestyle and regular monitoring of renal function, the more perfect double protection for your kidneys.

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