Oral sex can cause mouth cancer?

Health for human | Did you know that the activity of oral sex can cause mouth cancer? A study from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Scientists say that the activity of oral sex is one way the migration of human papillomavirus (HPV) is the virus that causes cervical cancer of the cervix into the mouth that can cause a the emergence of oral cancer.

A study also noted the number of patients with oral cancer is increasing every year during the last ten years, even more than people with testicular cancer and cervical cancer itself. Average people are those aged under 45 years in which their sexual activity is high.

Although oral sex is one cause of oral cancer, but you need not worry too much, because the risk of contracting cancer of the mouth through oral sex is still quite low at 1:10,000 people. Instead cigarettes widened still a major factor causing oral cancer in addition to alcohol. Both are 30 times higher risk of causing cancer of the mouth than oral sex. But it helps you stay alert, remain loyal and not bergant-pair change in sexual intercourse is the best way to avoid yourself from oral cancer. Another way is by first memerikasaan yourself and your partner to the clinic teeth and gums for STD testing or oral health checks to ensure that you or your partner does not carry the HPV virus. This is mainly done for couples who want to get married.

Vaccination is also an alternative to the virus outbreak prevention of HPV, but HPV vaccination is only done for women, especially young women, while men can only do cervical cancer prevention vaccination by injection is carried out for 6 months with a fairly expensive cost.

Couple Sexual History
Not sure of the partner's sexual history sometimes makes you still feel unsafe to perform oral sex although the test results stating that you both do not carry the HPV virus. For it would not hurt if you wear protective gear or condoms during oral sex. Although it's not a fun way for your sex life and your partner, but better play safe rather than treatment?

Early detection of oral cancer may increase treatment success rates. Alert in case of membranes around the mouth wound that never healed after three weeks, or the appearance of small bumps around the mouth red and white. Immediately contact your doctor immediately if you have any indication of contracting cancer in your mouth.

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