Cosmetic Dentistry – Fill That Gap!

There are several ways that a cosmetic dentist can fill gaps in the mouth where teeth have had to be extracted or even knocked out!
Teeth Implants
Teeth Implant dentistry is the most advanced therapy available to replace teeth. In addition to looking and feeling like real teeth, teeth implants allow you to:
    * Improve your smile
    * Eat the foods you enjoy
    * Restore your confidence
Dental Bridges
A dental bridge is fixed to the remaining natural teeth by the cosmetic dentist restoring aesthetics and function. There are two types of dental bridge-:
    * Fixed – dental bridges fitted over prepared abutment teeth. A secure and long-lasting option.
    * Adhesive – A sticky dental bridge which is bonded to natural teeth and requires minimal tooth preparation.
Having a fixed bridge can make a fantastic improvement to the quality of your life and the treatment can be completed by the cosmetic dentist in two weeks!


There are two types of dentures used in cosmetic dentistry: -
    * Acrylic (or plastic) dentures
    * Cobalt Chromium (or metal based) dentures – only advised when some teeth are present.
The advantages of cosmetic cobalt chromium dentures are: -
    * Better chewing (more stable; less movement of denture)
    * Food more enjoyable (less coverage of the palate)
    * Stronger (metal is very hard, plastic can fracture)
    * Lighter and thinner (plastic is more bulky)
    * More healthy (less gum coverage)
Treatment Planning
The cosmetic dentist at our dental practice strive to diagnose dental problems accurately. Duplicate models of your mouth, x-rays, special gum measurements and the bite pattern are some of the factors we assess during a complete mouth examination. A treatment plan is then made giving you options and good advice as to which treatment best suits your individual needs.
At the Perfect Smile Spa, aim is to offer you exceptional treatment in the nicest possible setting. It is one of the leading companies and specialists in Teeth Implants, , teeth whitening, cosmetic Dentures, Inman Aligners, and Dental Bridges etc.

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