Endodontic and Cosmetic Treatment in Essex

Many people dread root canal treatment, but there is no need. This treatment can be done painlessly by an endodontic specialist in Essex very successfully; it’s just like having a filling done!

Why Do You Need Endodontic treatment?
You can save a precious tooth with root canal (endodontic) treatment in Essex. When bacteria pass into the nerve of the tooth, it can become painful and infected. This could result in the nerve of the tooth being damaged and can spread to the bone beneath the tooth. Root canal treatment will clean the bacteria and save your tooth.
If the tooth is left untreated you may get an abscess which will cause more pain and swelling.

The signs to look for are:

    * Persistent toothache
    * Swelling of the gum near the tooth
    * Tooth becoming darker after a trauma
    * Tender gum or tooth

Once the tooth has been root treated, it may become darker with time. This is the time that most people in Essex and around the UK then turn their attention to cosmetic dentistry.

Smile Makeover or cosmetic dentistry
Cosmetic dentistry can improve the way you look. It can make you look and feel younger. The look of your teeth will improve and also the health.

Cosmetic Dentist and Endodontist Essex
Porcelain veneers are a great option to hide unsightly teeth, especially after endodontic treatment They improve the colour, shape and function of the teeth and misshapen teeth can be made straighter.There are many benefits of cosmetic and endodontic dentistry.
At the Perfect Smile Spa, aim is to offer you exceptional treatment in the nicest possible setting. It is one of the leading companies and specialists in Porcelain Veneers, teeth whitening, cosmetic Dentures, and dental implants etc.

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