Diseases Suffered Many of Motherhood

Health for human | Mother's Day is always commemorated on December 22, it is fitting for the health of the mothers received special attention. In the course of his life, there are some diseases that are often found in the mother.

"We can all come into the world as it comes out of the womb of the mother. It is appropriate we are all always care and attention to our mothers. I try to parse a few of several diseases that are often found the mother, among others, breast cancer, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) and Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS), "said Dr. Ari Fahrial H Sham, SpPD-KGEH, MMB, FINASIM, health practitioners from the University of Indonesia,

1. breast cancer

Men and women have breasts, but breast cancer affects more women than men. Breast cancer is one of the biggest causes of death for women.

Hospital Information Data System (SIRS) in 2007, breast cancer ranks first in hospitalized patients in all hospitals in Indonesia (16.85%), followed by cervical cancer (11.78%).

The incidence of breast cancer is currently an estimated 39 per 100,000 population in 2008. As with other cancers, the earlier the cancer treatment principle is found the easier to treat. Because the breast is an organ outside of the body, of course, early detection will be easier to do with BSE, among others (check your own breasts).

"Women should always remember that they are at risk for having a lump in her breast, she has 100 times the risk of breast cancer compared to men," continued Dr. Ari.

Another risk that should also be considered for each woman to the occurrence of breast cancer is family history that have a history of tumors or breast cancer, age over 45 years, no children, her first pregnancy over 30 years and history of menstruation at age less than 12 years of age or menopausal length up to over 55 years.

"Therefore, for all mothers especially with high risk should always remember to check regularly for themselves whether there is a lump in her breast. If you feel a lump you should immediately see a doctor to ensure that there is a bump," said the doctor was born June 19, 1966 .

2. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

The disease is experienced by nine times more in women than in men. SLE disease occurs in 30-50 cases in 100,000 population. SLE disease is an autoimmune disease.

This disease occurs in young women of childbearing age. Characterized by hair loss, skin disorders, especially in the form of red-red facial skin like a butterfly and it will grow red when exposed to sunlight, aches in the joints and muscles, fever is not too high and recurring canker sores.

SLE can cause various organ disorders include blood disorders, kidney disorders, heart and vascular disorders, pulmonary disorders, disorders of the digestive organs, organs such as intestine, stomach and liver, central nervous system disorders and disorders of the eye. Patients who have SLE because of interference with blood clotting may also experience recurrent miscarriages.
"Given the multi-organ complications, early detection of disease is also important so that complications can involve many organs can be prevented. For those patients already known to suffer from SLE, it is advisable to take medication regularly and to keep it regularly to control complications of SLE disease does not occur , "continued Dr. Ari.

3. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Incidence of IBS in women report an average of 2-3 times more than men. Patients with IBS typically come with complaints of intermittent abdominal pain, accompanied by bloating may be accompanied by diarrhea or even constipation. Abdominal pain is usually reduced after defecation.

The disease is about 10-15 percent of world population. There were no differences of race on the incidence of this disease. Patients with IBS can come up with diarrhea or difficult bowel movements. Through further examination found no abnormalities in these patients or not found organic abnormalities.

IBS is a functional disease. Many patients who come to the doctor with stomach bloating sometimes accompanied by abdominal pain and diarrhea. Especially after eating certain foods such as too fat or too spicy. Patients may not feel this complaint before.

"Is this IBS disease dangerous to life threatening? The answer is no, but this would interfere with IBS disease activity of patients with IBS problems. Complaints bloating and abdominal pain this will certainly reduce the quality of life, because complaints can arise at any time or any time that is usually triggered by certain foods or stress factors. arising out of stress factors could be for many reasons such as lack of sleep, too tired, family problems, school or work problems, "explains Dr. Ari who earned a doctorate in biomedical sciences in 2011.

In some women, menstrual complaints and sparked IBS during pregnancy. The handling of these patients usually by avoiding certain foods such as fatty foods, too stimulating food such as spicy foods, coffee, fizzy drinks.

The drugs are given anti-anxiety medication as needed, drugs to treat cramps (antispasmodic), anti-diarrhea or laxative depends on the state chapter. Probiotics can also be given primarily to complaints of IBS with hard bowel movements. With regular medication and avoiding trigger factors we can control this disease.

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