Treatment Masks Paper Now So Trends in Korea

Health for human | got a tip turns Care Masks Paper Now So Trends in Korea. So far, we know that the celebrities do beauty treatments at a price that is quite expensive. It is now broken by a new product which was launched in Korea.

The latest product in the form of this mask gives the same results with a treatment that can only be obtained at expensive salons. So we do not need to go to the salon. Masqueology, is a mask maker to launch a new product that is unique.

Masks are generally made ​​of tissue, is now present in the material of the paper. Currently, the mask has become a phenomenon of beauty in Korea. With a price of $ 24 or approximately USD 220 thousand, this new product will be sold in Sephora outlets across America next March.In Asia, beauty masks are common, but in America, it is still rare

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