How to Healthy Cooking

Health for human | In addition to seasoning / ingredient dish that can inhibit the formation of fats into saturated fats, how to cook was equally important. With the correct way of cooking, the food will be healthier. go see the tips .....

Here are tips on how to make healthy meals.

  1. Boil. Boil the meat until tender, set aside some time if you need to enter the refrigerator. The goal is fat-fat that rises to the top. Will usually look at the ceiling that covers the surface, immediately remove and discard. After the stew meat free of fat that floats, though as you wish.
  2. Grilling. Although there are advantages and disadvantages of each, the principle grilling is better than frying. Use a heavy roasting pan so that the dishes do not get burnt. The difference with burning, roasting is still using the tools that keep food in direct contact with fire. As it is known that baked foods potentially carcinogenic (causing cancer).
  3. Using coconut milk. Coconut milk can still be used in cooking during the process it correctly. Here's the correct way megolah coconut milk:

  • Boil water, after boiling coconut milk and use to extort directly mixed in cooking. This method can be used to make the compote / cendol for example.
  • Use the thin coconut milk processed directly with other food ingredients. Once cooked, squeeze coconut milk with boiled water. This method can be used to make lodeh vegetables, curry and so on.

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