Rhinoplasty turned out to make people look younger

Health for human | If you want to look younger by means of surgical operation, the patient is actually pretty operated on his nose. This according to the research suggests that cosmetic surgery on the nose proved to make the appearance look younger. anyone who wants to try it?

Research by the University of Toronto included 53 patients who underwent cosmetic nasal surgery at a leading private clinic. The clinic patient looks forward to save the image and a side view before and after undergoing a surgical procedure.

Independent assessment team examined photographs of young and middle aged patients before and after undergoing cosmetic surgery on her nose. They were on average judged that the patient looks younger at 1.5 years after surgery photos. While the patient's age at the time of surgery had little effect on appearance.

All these photos before and after surgery produced with cameras, positioning, and lighting the same. All photos are examined separately by 50 untrained layman observer in two sessions.

Half an appraiser look at the picture before the first surgery and a month later saw the pictures after the operation. The other half check images in the opposite order. Each observer was asked the age of the patient suspected of photos front view and side view are paired.

The patient's age ranged 15 to 61 years, with an average age of 35 years. The majority of patients aged 20 to 50 years. About three-quarters are women.

The trend looks younger most obvious in 32 patients who underwent surgery to attenuate or eliminate the dorsal hump, the part which resembles a hump in the middle of the nose. In these patients, looked younger age 1.6 years, compared to 19 patients who never had a dorsal hump that looked 1.1 years younger.

Operation to rotate the tip of the nose also makes the patient look younger. Eight patients who underwent this operation seen on average 2 years younger, look younger than 1.3 years among the other patients.

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