In 10 Minutes Conquer Gout

Various ways can people do to conquer gout. Ranging from traditional to modern ways. Here's the secret of physicians in dealing with patients with uric acid with a 10-minute strategy.

Uric acid is eliminated by the kidneys, the end product of purine nucleotide metabolism.

Intimate relationship between uric acid with cardiovascular disease, blood vessels (cardiovascular disease) have been known since the 19th century, after many researchers reported the classical relationship between gout, hypertension (high blood pressure), and obesity (overweight).

In addition to these conditions, uric acid was increased in the state or the following conditions: kidney disease, a cancer of white blood cells (leukemia), postmenopausal women, use of diuretics (urine laxative), insulin resistance, and alcohol consumption.

In Indonesia, uric acid (gout, arthritis disease) is the third most rheumatic diseases (about 6%) after osteoarthritis (about 50-60%) and rheumatic disease outside the joints.

Interestingly, gout is more common in men. Why? Because men do not have high estrogen hormone in (circulatory) blood, making it difficult uric acid excreted in the urine.

Various ways can be taken to conquer gout. Ancestors of Indonesia have known Kepel leaves are efficacious lowering uric acid levels, compress also aloe vera to relieve or alleviate arthritis caused by uric acid. Drink noni juice (PACE) also can relieve gout.

For ordinary people, to prevent uric acid means limiting yourself from consumption: alcohol, organ meats, chips, spinach, kale, tape, soft drinks, meat, durian, avocado, cabbage, beans, soy milk, canned food, food with preservatives , and coffee. Medical language is a low-purine diet.

In contrast to the ordinary people, doctors have conquered the secret straregi uric acid. Well, want to know tips or secrets doctors in handling uric acid patient? Here are tips.

Observing monosodium urate crystals in joint fluid is intracellular surefire tips for definitive diagnosis of gout.

Minutes of the 2nd
If levels of uric acid in the blood circulation of high or rising, then this condition in a medically called asymptomatic hyperuricaemia. Asymptomatic hyperuricaemia seldom requires therapy.

The 3rd minute
Colchicine, NSAIDs, and corticosteroids are the names of drugs are equally efficacious, or efficacious in the treatment of acute gout (acute gout). NSAIDs are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug).

Consider the uric acid-lowering therapy in patients with two or more attacks per year.

The 5th minute
Serum levels of uric acid 6 mg / dL is the initial target when using uric acid-lowering therapy.

Urate-lowering agents should not be stopped or started during the last period of acute gout.

Use prevention simultaneously (concomitant prophylaxis) with colchicine oral (taken by mouth) or NSAIDs when initiating urate-lowering therapy (urate-lowering therapy) over a period of 3 to 12 months.

The 8th minute
In patients with kidney stones, tophaceous gout, or the average screening in renal cells (glomerular filtration rate) is less than 60 mL / minute, or an excessive uric product, then the doctor will be recommending allopurinol, rather than the class of uricosuric.

Febuxostat, a new drug class of xanthine oxidase inhibitors nonpurin (nonpurine xanthine oxidase inhibitor), is a useful alternative medical therapies in patients with impaired renal function (renal insufficiency).

While some types of drugs that can lower the concentration of urate in the serum (serum urate concentration), such as: drug-drug classes xanthine oxidase inhibitors (eg allopurinol, febuxostat), uricosuric drug-drug classes (eg sulfinpyrazone), drugs classes uricase (eg: rasburicase), coumarin type drugs anticoagulants, and oestrogens (estrogens).

The 10th minute
Lifestyle modification and avoid medications (drugs) which can increase uric acid levels is also a potent strategy to conquer the uric acid.

Several types of drugs that can increase the concentration of urate in the serum (serum urate concentration), such as: diuretics, low dose salicylates, pyrazinamide, ethambutol, cytotoxics, and lead poisoning / lead (lead poisoning).

Easy right, freeing themselves from the snare of uric acid.

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