So the requirement for Kidney Donor

Patients with kidney failure do need a new kidney to survive. But no one can be arbitrarily kidney donor, although the family and even blood relatives. There are several requirements to be a kidney donor.

There are two types of donors to undergo a transplant or a kidney transplant, which is living donor and cadaveric donors (corpse).

Living donors, namely human kidneys taken from living a healthy and do meet the selection criteria for transplantation. While on the cadaver donor, kidney taken from a person who died or were declared brain dead (as in the case of traffic accidents or injuries due to trauma).

"Transplants can be done by using a kidney from a live person or a corpse. But we in Indonesia only do transplants from living donors, as donors of the bodies has been no strong legal protection, so it can not be done," explains Prof. Dr. Dr. Endang Susalit, SpPD-KGH, in a media seminar 'RSCM Capable of Conducting technique Kidney Transplant International Standard on RSCM Kencana Building, Jakarta.

For living donors, there are several requirements that are established, among other things:

  1. Age over 18 years
  2. Mentally and physically healthy
  3. Tried to be the same blood group
  4. Normal blood pressure
  5. no diabetes
  6. no cancer
  7. Do not have vascular disease
  8. Not too fat
  9. No abnormalities of kidney stones

"For cadaveric donors, the condition must be brain stem dead. By law the condition it was declared dead, although his heart was still beating, for example in the case of people experiencing head trauma. Of the patients could also crash, but the heart must beat. If there is no rate should resuscitated soon (cardiac shock), the longest 10 minutes. But if to 1 or 2 hours, so be it can not be a donor, "Prof jela Endang.

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