HIV Testing Now Can Through the Gums

Health for human | In general, during this testing is done by a blood test, then in the near future will be much easier is by means of testing the gums. The test is claimed to be as accurate gums with HIV screening using blood. This laha discoveries in the field of new health so just wait. for the next info read the article below.

A new study conducted by researchers at McGill University, Quebec, found that HIV can be detected with an instrument attached to the gums. Such a device called OraQuick HIV1 / 2.

By comparing the five studies around the world, researchers found that the tool is 99 percent accurate for HIV testing in high-risk population and 97 percent in low-risk populations.

OraQuick HIV1 / 2 does not use saliva but absorb antibodies directly from blood vessels in the mucous membranes of the mouth. The assays will draw from a network of HIV antibodies in the cheek and gums, you can simply wait 20 minutes to see the results.

The study, published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases this week's edition, has major implications for countries that want to adopt a strategy of self-testing for HIV.

HIV test orally (by mouth) has become one of the most popular test for acceptance and ease of use. Testing in this way can a non-invasive (no damage), pain-free and more convenient for users.

"Doing HIV testing at public clinics make people reluctant because of visibility, stigma, lack of privacy and discrimination. A confidential testing options such as independent testing (by means of OraQuick HIV1 / 2) could end the stigmatization associated with HIV testing," said Dr Pai.

High-risk populations can expand the HIV epidemic, but they also face discrimination, violence and social marginalization of health services.

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