How to Prevent & Avoid Headaches

Health for human | Perhaps lately you getting nervous because of frequent headaches beaten. Please check your posture during this, because it could be that the main causes of headaches are extremely disturbing you. already at the check yet heheheh

According to Roger Cady, MD, Vice President of the National Headache Foundation, the posture is one factor that less attention in the headache problem. One of the mistakes posture is most often seen is the forward head posture (FHP) or heads that protrude into the future. When the neck you get used to gravitate toward the front, you have to tilt your head upwards to see, so clearly Cady. Worse, this position can compress nerves and muscles that are in the base of the skull. The most common cause of the FHP is the habit of sitting crouched in front of the computer.

Colleen Baker, a physical therapist practicing in Headache Care Center in Springfield, gave a few tricks to help you keep your head to keep it straight:

* Imagine there is a rope tied at the top of your head, and connect it to the ceiling.
* Periodically, check your posture to make sure your ears are in line with the shoulder position.
* Make reminders on your computer that will display a message every half hour to do both the previous tip.

Tricks to avoid headaches when the weather changes very extreme

Erratic weather conditions that could interfere with our comfort in the move. Moreover, changes in the weather is fairly extreme. Sweltering morning, the afternoon could be heavy downpours. According to recent studies from Harvard, the risk of getting bigger headache when the air temperature feels hotter than usual.

But in children, they actually suffer from headaches when the rainy season, or when the temperature is very humid air. "The body is dehydrated it will aggravate the symptoms of headache. Thus, we need to drink enough water. And, as much as possible avoid being outdoors when the sun is shining so bright, "advises Alexander Mauskop, MD., founder of the New York Headache Center.

He added that regular cardio exercise can also help alleviate headache symptoms. "The blood vessels in the brain become more flexible, easy to dilate and constrict. As a result, did not show pain due to air pressure changes," added Mauskop.

So strengthen ourselves with water, healthy food and regular exercise to deal with extreme weather changes.

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