Beware, E Coli Bacteria Baby Food Trap

Health for human | mothers care for concocting your own food for your baby. Besides watching the cleanliness factor, observe all safety factors, especially the threat of danger to infiltrate bacteria in food.

Lately, not a few still memersiapkan own Moms Mother's Milk Food Companion (MP-ASI) for infants aged 6-12 months. Unfortunately, they still rarely looked at the factors of safety. In fact, the preparation of local MP-ASI unhygienic can cause contamination and pose one of them diarrheal diseases.

Questioned diarrhea, please note that 90 percent of patients with diarrhea was a toddler. A strong suspicion that if food be the cause of 70 percent incidence of diarrhea, especially in developing countries.

"The factors most related to E coli on presenting local MP-ASI is the existence of animals that roam in the house, contamination of the hands of food handlers, and drying hands with a clean cloth that is not guaranteed,"

Effort needs to be done is to prevent berkeliarannya animals in the house can be done in a simple way, including washing hands with soap under running water and wash cloth every day to ensure hand hygiene before preparing MP-local milk to infants aged 6-12 months.

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