Discovered Short-Term Effects of Electric Cigarettes

Health for human | There may be some of the readers who have been using an electric cigarette. Electronic cigarettes have been marketed as safer alternatives. But the study found evidence of this electric cigarette can cause changes in the airways users in quick time.

Researchers found after 5 minutes using an electric cigarette, users showed signs of airway constriction as measured by several types of tests of respiratory and inflammation. The results of this study are reported in the journal Chest.

"This is the first evidence showing that an electric cigarette can cause acute physiological effects in a very fast," said study chairman Constantine I. Vardavas of the Center for Global Tobacco Control at the Harvard School of Public Health, as quoted by Reuters on Friday (01/06/2012).

In this new study, Vardavas and colleagues in Athens involving 30 healthy men who smoked cigarettes electric cigarette to see if this affects the airways of users.

It turned out that in the short term, smoking has been estimated to cause and effect in the long term can cause lung diseases such as emphysema or cancer. However, research on long-term effects are still needed.

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