Alternative Radiation Cream Treat Skin Cancer Without Surgery

Health for human | Although quite effective, surgical removal of skin cancer is often not preferred because it leaves a scar. Now there are alternatives to cure it, namely the efficacy of radiation with the cream has been clinically tested in Italy.

The test cream containing radioactive substances rhenium-188 was conducted in several hospitals in Italy, involving 700 patients with skin cancer. Quoted from Dailymail, Friday (01/06/2012), its effectiveness to kill cancer observed in these trials is quite high at 95 percent.

In addition to not leave scars, skin cancer treatment with radiation cream also has another advantage. For example, can reach cancer cells particularly difficult locations may not face such an operation on the surface of the eye or ear.

Another plus is very easy to use. Cream is packaged in a plaster lives taped, and then within 2 hours of exposure to radiation will work to kill cancer cells specifically claimed that side effects are very minimal.

Types of skin cancer can be cured by this cream is basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, which has a medium level of malignancy. As for malignant melanoma, experts do not recommend the use of these creams and more recommend surgery.

However, this breakthrough gives great hope for patients with skin cancer which is very much. For this type of carcinoma cancer alone, either basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell can infect every year 100,000 patients throughout New England.

Unfortunately due to experiments performed is still very limited, this cream has not received marketing authorization and still have to undergo some refinement. But it is expected, within two years of this cream will be available in the European market and beyond.

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