Acne & Wrinkles Disappeared Thanks to Cream of Bacteria

Health for human | latest information on world health. Many people believe that the bacteria present in yogurt is good for digestion. Recent research also proved that good bacteria can help boost the immune system and weight control.

Good bacteria known as probiotics that are not only beneficial for the digestive system, but also have good effects for beauty. The benefits can eliminate acne and wrinkles, and keep your skin retain moisture.

Beauty products has also been made ​​creamy with the content of this bacterium. Clinique, Lancome and Nude is a product that relies on bacteria to make the facial skin becomes soft, smooth and locked it.

Reported by the Daily Mail, probiotics can improve the balance of bacteria in the skin, the same way to repair the bowel. We all have good and bad bacteria in the skin, called skin microflora.

Microflora can be disturbed balance of the cosmetic substances used, such as facial cleaning products that contain lots of alcohol. These products can make your skin more sensitive, acne, and even eczema.

Although the yogurt contains good bacteria, but that does not mean you can melumurkannya to the skin. According to dermatologists, the good bacteria that exist in face cream has been specially designed, while the yogurt is not designed for the skin.

Beauty products that contain good bacteria, and yogurt also has a different seed. Clinique has examined the benefits of good bacteria for years. Skin care products from New York to find the good bacteria as a skin softener, to overcome skin irritation and inflammation.

Clinique has examined the benefits of friendly bacteria for the last decade. They found that the cream probiotics can resolve irritation and inflammation.

Other care products that contain the bacteria is Nude. British skin care is the first brand to develop its products with good bacteria.

Serum Nude mainstay of 'Advance Cellular Renewal' contains probiotics with high concentrations. When released September 2010, serum was immediately sold out. Unfortunately Nude products have not entered into Indonesia.

"We are very pleased, probiotics work to improve the aging, accelerates cell renewal, so we use bacteria as an ingredient in anti-aging products all of us," says Emma Newman, product manager for Nude.

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