Holistic Treatment for Your Addiction

There are many drug rehab centers in the United States where you can get your addiction treated. Some of those drug rehab centers carry out traditional drug rehab program that is mostly medical and secular and some others carry out more holistic drug rehab program that is usually nonmedical and involving spiritual, social, and sometimes religious intervention. There is no right or wrong between those two different drug rehab programs. If you want to attain physical and mental recovery without receiving spiritual and social trainings, you can choose a traditional drug rehab center, but if you expect total recovery and capability to avoid relapse, you should choose holistic drug rehab center instead of traditional one. Narconon is an example of drug rehab center that carries out holistic program.

There are several features of Narconon program that make this program effective in helping abusers overcome their addiction and avoid relapse. Firstly, as mentioned above, holistic program that is carried out by this drug rehab center is a nonmedical program. Therefore, if you undergo drug rehab treatment in this drug rehab center, no medication will be administered to you. Traditional drug rehab program that is carried out in other drug rehab centers make use of medications, such as methadone, to alleviate the pain that abusers suffer when they withdraw from their bad abusing habit. The administered medication of course can alleviate the pain that is caused by withdrawal symptoms, but that medication is in fact an addictive substance with milder addictive effect. As a result, there are some abusers who end up abusing that medication after they get rid of their addiction. The absence of medication in your addiction treatment means the absence of your risk to become an abuser of that medication. In addition, because your treatment is drug-free, you will be more encouraged to stay away from any addictive drugs. Narconon rehab center makes use of harmless vitamins, foods, and supplements as alternative remedies that alleviate the painful sensation of withdrawal symptoms.

Secondly, this drug rehab center has more than 100 branches that you can find in almost every state in this country. Therefore, when you are in need of comprehensive treatment for your addiction, you can easily find a branch of this drug rehab center near your hometown. And because this drug rehab center is established by a non-profit organization, you don’t have to worry very much about your treatment cost.

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