Easy Headache, usually easy Also Hurt

Health for human | Headache is a physical disorder, should be different from the hurt feelings of a distraction. But scientists prove they have in common, so the physical pain that's easy too easy to hurt his feelings. well this is interesting info for me to share with you all

In a recent study, Prof. Naomi Eisenberger of the University of California revealed that the physical and emotional pain can trigger the same reaction in the brain. Because of these similarities, the two can be interrelated.

Emotional pain when she was hurt, for example, proved to trigger a reaction in the brain that has been known to be associated with physical pain. This means that when a person is rejected by a prospective boyfriend or girlfriend decided by the same brain reaction to the current headache.

Physical pain such as headaches also involves two different aspects of the brain, one associated with negative feelings. The second aspect is the sensory experience, which was also associated with pain, and emotional components.

Prof Eisenberger said the physical pain and emotional pain are closely related to each other. As a result, if someone had hurt easily, then it is also easy to get sick person's head and the same relationship also applies vice versa.

"Looks like we're used to place a higher degree of physical pain than emotional pain. Yet this research proves, the pain was really there when someone is denied or marginalized," said Prof Eisenberger as quoted from Dailymail, Saturday (25/02/2012).

Interestingly, studies also show that the use of pain medication can affect the feeling of pain when he was hurt. Someone who is taking pain medication for 3 weeks in a row is said to be easily offended.

Even so, Prof. Eisenberger confirms that pain is not recommended to overcome the pain medication because it will not solve the real problem. Moreover, according to research, consumption should be 3 weeks so that side effects can cause liver and kidney disorders.

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